A Violent Picture Turned Vibrant

by Chua Han Au

About three years back, I remember writing an essay pertaining to the subject of art and submitted it to my English teacher with fervour. Unexpectedly, it was condemned harshly. Quoting her invaluable remarks: “[I was] trying too hard”.

Harking back, I can hardly recollect the language employed but would strongly concur that I could perhaps be trying too hard, for I lack the fundamental faculties adequate enough to fathom an artpiece, let alone write an apposite essay about the fine details of art and the very masterpiece of brilliant Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. But fortunately, the dry remark did not extinguish the incomprehensible curiosity about art and today, I finally painted.

Perhaps this is the first and final delightful opportunity of my interaction with art, but notwithstanding, moments are cherished and kept permanent with words.

the human life is too short
be naughty some remarked
but among the senseless advice
“be diabolic to appreciate
the arts” was most curious

it was not a deliberate decision to
develop horns
but simply a natural metamorphosis of the mind
in progression to sagacity

patience coupled with uncanny ingenuity
emerald green, titanium white, charcoal black
layer upon layer
like the anatomy of flowers —
petals upon petals

“water doesn’t have to be blue
it’s up to you”
Indeed it’s true,
and I thank you.