A Sight That Was Powerfully Evocative

There she sat,
  (I was fray)
Donned in red and full of festivity,
a nostalgic association with her youthful days

oh Grandfather

back and veins that are much defined
beneath her wizened skin

oh Grandfather

before her legs,
stood a stationary trolley
  I reckon it’s most probably full of Chinese New Year goodies
in her hands,
clasped a huge plastic plate of essential ingredients for Yusheng¹
in her eyes,
they were fatigued —
the momentum of slight chugging induced
a soporific effect

oh Grandfather

Every day at 6pm she hears the mantra of
indicative of “you are ready to go”

— oh Grandfather

She prepares to alight,
she lumbers as she holds the hands of
the trolley with trembling hands (oh Grandfather!)

After hearing the homely mantra
“Ang Mo Kio²… Ang Mo Kio”


Yusheng1: Teochew-style raw fish salad commonly eaten during Chinese New Year
Ang Mo Kio²: A name of a train station in Singapore