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Thank You, Our Founding Father


we have You
to thank

Your leadership will serve eternally as an emblem
  for the younger generation
Your judicious governance
  marked with democracy and equality
Your legacy evidenced by
  our harmonious society
Your wise words
  catalogued in chronology

we have You
to thank

with hands of an architect
and with the mind of an intellect
Singapore today
morphed from dust and clay

we have You
to thank

Your tenacity ignited
our mere red dot
giving it the intensity
and international significance

Your fortitude paved
a successful Singapore

In paying our respects
we will never forget;
we remember with Gratitude
an esteemed Man

we have You
to thank

Rest In Peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Our Founding Father

On the 23rd of October, Dear Father

In your eyes, I could see the wearied soul
the vigour and vitality that you once exuded, turned pallid
the fatigue now becomes seemingly omnipresent
sometimes, I wish I could tell you, to take a rest
for all the things that you have done
have made me truly blest

Fathers do not reveal tones of gripe
For maybe this is the duty they sign up for
to be exemplars, respectable and more;

I remember those nights when they were really chilly —
doors slammed, rain pelted, trees hewed, despite that,
you rushed to my room in a hurry
just to check if I had my blanket on

I know I don’t confess my love to you overtly;
I am yet grateful for the many things you taught and encouraged me
English and swimming classes are just some of the few

There are also many things I don’t say but I want you to know that
I truly love you

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