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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

I am sure that the majority of us would actually try to angle ourselves when taking a photograph and with crossed-fingers, hope that the image would turn out acceptable. Professionals may sometimes fail to capture an image with their desired outcome let alone us — amateurs. Needless to say, without the proper skill and dexterity in handling our “image-capturing” devices, many of us would actually fail.

However, with passion and an ardent love for photography, I have seen many who have emerged victorious. Like what The Daily Post has mentioned —

Investigate the world, think about what you find beautiful, and don’t allow convention to dictate an answer.

Art is so vast and has so many variations; each with a distinct and unique interpretation. Never allow what others have said to change your perspective of art or photography. You yourself know the true definition of beauty. Henceforth, allow your skills and passion to drive you forward. A beautiful photograph is one that was taken with the heart and not one that was influenced by the ear.

With regard to this WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, here’s what I’ve got:


Writers pen down language on paper while photographers capture snippets of an individual’s life and magically evolve them into a story that they can call a novelty. (photo from Instagram: @littlecoal)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Frankly speaking, I’m not an aesthetics person. I don’t take art much less keep a sketchbook full of art and sketches.

On hindsight, I can vaguely remember myself attending aesthetics classes — drama and art. Yet, God knows for what reason — I stopped attending these classes.

However, being green and so foreign in the aesthetics field, I do have some painters in mind who I truly love. They present art in such a free and unconfined space of imagination. Here are two painters that I am sure some of you might know.

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Salvador Dali

The former’s Starry Night is one brilliant piece which I take delight in. I, for instance, am unable to limn a starry night. The stars, the olive trees, the crescent in his work were all so immaculately drawn before his sanitarium room window. His desire to paint the night sky has indeed inspired many others to imitate his work.

“The imagination is certainly a faculty which we must develop and it alone can bring us to creation of a more exalting and consoling nature … A star-spangled sky, for instance, that’s a thing I would like to try to do … But how can I manage unless I make up my mind to work … from imagination?”

– Vincent van Gogh

Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory is another one which I fancy a lot. A surreal work of art; his caricature of the melting pocket watches is extraordinary. He explained that the soft watches were not inspired by the theory of relativity, but by the surrealist perception of a Camembert cheese melting in the sun. Interesting isn’t it?

If you were asked to depict a night sky or simply draw a watch, what would you have in mind?

With regard to WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I have one masterpiece that I truly adore. Thank you WordPress for allowing me to express my views with regard to aesthetics.

Photo Courtesy of Han Au

Photo Courtesy of Han Au

Anyone can just hold their preferred tool and start delineating their thoughts based on individual sentiments. To draw or to take photographs, either professionally or simply for leisure is something that one should keep doing if one has the passion.

Art’s an art that requires composure, ingenuity and talent. 

Don’t you think so?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Sleeping at almost 0200 every day; I wake up the very next morning, feeling like a prisoner being rudely awakened by the standing officer guarding my cell. My alarm clock resonates, disrupting the silence of the cold morning. I wake up, feeling groggy, like a torpid animal. This year, I am sitting for my GCE examinations. As such, life in school has been truly agonizing. Or should I say, different. I can finally empathize the previous batch of graduating students. The reluctance of waking up at 0600 every morning—the comatose from a lack of sleep. Fatigue faces finally made sense to me at that instant. In fact, everything made sense.

So this weekend, I decided that I needed to give myself a break. A real break. Not a short break whereby I put my pen down after solving a mathematical sum; or simply putting my homework aside and start indulging myself in classical music. I defined the term “break” as a short vacation.

I went to a Starbucks café. Ordered a Green Tea Latte and found a seat beside a window and sat down alone. I felt truly composed. I, for instance, have never eaten a meal alone before. This experience was therefore both fresh and new. It felt like the perfect environment to be enjoying a good book titled Jane Eyre written by the phenomenal Charlotte Brontë. Everything was perfect, tranquil and relaxing.

I liked it. In fact, I loved what I was doing.

And in that moment, I swear I felt infinite.


For WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, here’s what I have.


Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

To feel fresh, in the eyes of others, might be gratifying oneself with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, having a fruit salad with no dressing, or simply putting on new clothes. However, feeling fresh, in my opinion, is in association with tranquility. I believe that with tranquility, comes freshness.

What do you think?

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

So long as Photography is involved, I’d associate it with dSlRs, photographs, polaroids, etc. I truly applaud photographers who can capture an image so distinctively and perfectly. These people just have a knack for photography. If I were to be the one taking a picture, I’d rather take out my iPhone, click on the screen and let it do the auto-focus. I’m just too lazy to do all the set-ups on dSLRs. So to all the fantastic photographers out there, keep on amazing people with your staggering skill of photography!

Earlier on, The Daily Post mentioned about the Fundamentals of Light. After having read that, I was blown away by the discrete details of photography. They mentioned a great deal of sophisticated names such as Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure and of course, Light. I was awed by the theory of Photography and never thought that Photography had so much to read on.

Whenever I scroll down the page of my Instagram or Tumblr account, I’d be inspired by those mesmerising shots of sunsets, city-lights, or even just food. I, for instance, can’t even take a picture of my food well enough. No matter how much I try to, it would turn futile in the end. Taking a picture that requires aptitude and craft is just so attractive. Knowing how to control the settings is even more incredible. Someday, I just wish that I could take something that would have the capability to amaze and fascinate.

So, I have decided to take part in this week’s photo challenge prompted by The Daily Post. Do pardon me for trying to be like a professional photographer. Everyone has a chance, don’t they?

The Golden Hour
© Han Au’s Photography

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

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