Green and Black

by Han

I witness the countenance of resignation
and hear the repeated lamentations from pals
as they say enjoyment first before hell

I regard their ability to focus singularly
for when I am about to
serve my turn
I might prove otherwise

as I look out of the window
in the speeding car —
the dark forest seems to be compelling
“it’ll soon be my refuge
rather than an elusive fantasy”

the vision of it all has always been intimidating
but natural
the routine has proven to be utterly exhausting
but strengthening
the process might involve blood and tears
but glorious

I pray
my friends would find their latent strength
and pull through the arduous journey,
extinguish the seeming aversion and don with

in these months
preceding mine
I hope that
I too would find strength
and gain fortitude, armouring myself
in view of it all

if it works,
it’ll prove that it’s all a game
in the mind