by Chua Han Au

lullabies can no longer soothe the savage spirit
  mellifluous voices of nightingales in dusk
    turn sullied

  this wearied system can no longer work on grease
    covered with rust and birthmarked with gashes
pain and torment act as choric commentators
  o’ please

      days better not be enumerated like a chant.
  strapped to a time bomb. fettered by
      driven by trepidation. slapped awake by ambition!

  there was once, when consolation and self-denial were ridiculously apt to justify the vacuum of supposed compulsion

    now nights are not a sojourn of solace
  no time for classics
      decreed for determination like an industrial machine
  morally, mutiny is perceived as a violation of law
    but now, one whose defiance will not face any punitive measures.

for nature will brandish her lashes when time comes

Procure the accolades
be accountable
lest you regret,