A Pawn Shop

by Han

in school they teach you Math
and make you read Macbeth
oh they inject you with algebra
and in Physics classes, they introduce lambda
through their coerced advocacy of appreciation
and presentations that fill you with mortification
most of the things in that particular institution
are not particularly relevant

O phoney phrontisteries
adept with theories
failure at elements of humanity
“don’t expect schools to inject you with creativity”
“acquire it yourself”
they chant
“school is your second home”

an overtly glorified institution
with warped purposes
depressing passion
feeding egoism

(there’s more than meets the eye)
(even nature has no mercy)

the antelopes leaping through the grasslands
are escaping the rapacious vines that crush their rangy limbs
the fittest koi gasp for air
for the water pulls weak ones down to dark depths
the chrysalis is a pawn shop
where the butterfly trades strength for beauty

what are we