Magnets Rust Too

by Han

your pleasant smile
(like iron filings to magnets)
you held it there
contrived I’d say —
natheless kept me at bay

cognisant of inherent affection
not due
yet furiously fervent
in your presence

(your fingers were spindly
yet slender)
I always knew
from time immemorial
that one day
I’d to cease ‘t
for failure to do so
will leave me

we were so close —
singing the same synchrony
adjoined in hearts and
thoughts —
skin met, at the spark
of contingence
(yet breeds blood)

the distance was apparent,
invisible yet very much palpable
I dreaded being ill at ease
alas, like fallen Nick’s clock

could see
melancholy being the
foundation of your emotions
painstakingly powered with risibility

(take me away
enshroud in pretence
wallow in gratification ‘n
be blest in beatitude)

like iron filings to magnets
turbulent emotions
could be ephemeral;
a sheer phase, for
even magnets
rust too