A Poem For a Friend

by Chua Han Au

your pleasant disposition
it’s clearly fascinating
the ease in talking to you

not only were you cordial;
a girl of simple virtue
and I liked that part of you

you were slightly eccentric
a little bonkers maybe —
the guffaws and the madness

I wasn’t an exception;
that opened up to a few
and that’s what you are too

you are a young violinist
indeed you are gifted
perhaps the melancholia,
the unborn innate talent
was brought down by mere imperfections

but dear friend, don’t for a day
start to doubt your potential
it’s trite how they always say

you’re greater than you believe
stronger than you imagine

but listen to me dear friend
the brave lady that I knew
before school even started

broke the barrier of ice
better than anyone could
this is not a metaphor

but a fact you have to know
you’ll attain success one day
one day in these seven days

here, I hope you’ll understand —
we will always have your back