Homo Sapiens

by Chua Han Au

Your dictionary would define Homo Sapiens as: The species of bipedal primates to which modern humans belong, characterised by a brain capacity…

But I would say: they’re ironic, cruel and clueless.

Dear reader, don’t worry. This post isn’t going to teach you how to be a theoretically-perfect homo sapien, but instead, attempt to evaluate, identify and explain who you really are.

Rules. We are taught to abide by the rules, follow them strictly and carry out actions appropriately. Why? Because rules tell us so. Imagine a world without rules, you can have recess whenever you like, throw a paper ball at your teacher and not get detention, be late for school and not get expelled, etc etc. It’s a whole new experience isn’t it? But unfortunately, or fortunately, rules have been set and established since history up till modern today. One generation establishes a certain rule and another generation follows. Rules are in fact, set by our ancestors (and maybe some new ones today) to guide us in life. To put it simply, a moral code. But even with rules, we homo sapiens are a bunch of ironic creatures. We create rules, break them and create a new rule that modifies the broken rule. Take for instance, traffic rules. The red light signifies vehicles to stop, etc. But reckless, drunk or sober drivers still beat the red light. I have this harrowing thought: why establish rules when others are going to break it? And why establish another rule, that we take in advance, despite knowing that the first rule will be broken? Ironic and simply ludicrous. This rise to another analogy that I have in mind: putting on safety gear while walking and purposely falling down with your safety gear geared. Ridiculous isn’t it? Give it a thought: there is never a rule that is solely on its own. Meaning to say, there is definitely another rule that rectifies the first rule lest others break the latter. Rules first and fines second. If we aren’t ironic, then may I ask: what are we and what exactly are we doing?

Mother Earth is dying, we all know that. This big blue marble is losing its gloss and a decalescent rocky barren is soon to be an irrefutable substitute. I opine that technology and computer science is inversely proportional to the health status of Mother Earth. As technology increases exponentially, the health status of the once powerful and inhabitable planet depletes and soon becomes impossible to live in. We take in so much — its resources, its water, its air but what do we give back? We pollute the rivers and seas, irresponsibly allowing oil spills to occur, we carry out deforestation in a desperate desire to have more land to build skyscrapers, to build theme parks, to develop factories and perhaps even nuclear plants. The forest life becomes partially destroyed, the sounds of falling trees indicates the cries of vulnerable Mother Earth, the cacophonous cries of animals in seek of survival. While the amount of CO₂ increases rapidly, the temperature increases as well. Leading to a disastrous aftermath: forest fires. And again, the undesirable cycles repeats. Will we ever have desires other than greed and the need to destroy?

The routine of have to wake up ever so reluctantly, getting prepared for work, shrinking yourself so that you might possibly get into the train and not arrive late for work. We type, we speak, we teach, we preach, we solicit, etc. This daily routine of having to work for the society or simply participating in this rat race has stretched, squeezed, drained one out from joy and peace. Many of us are doing jobs that we do not like. Many of us are facing people (bosses, colleagues, friends) that we might not adore. But like what they say, frame a smile and everything will be just fine (virtually, never realistically). The question of who (adults or teenagers) has it better in life is indeed controversial. Being a teenager myself (and perhaps being the voice of my fellow teenage friends), I can safely say that we teenagers, of this modern era, are facing way more stress and never-ending problems, be it friendships or relationships. Beauty is also another aspect that teenagers of today regard with a paramount extent. The old aphorism: “beauty is merely skin-deep” is undoubtedly becoming cliché. With so many problems that either a teenager or an adult faces in life, how are they supposed to appreciate the simple pleasures in life? Kids grow up, turn into teenagers, become adults and eventually participating in this rat race that has so many different ending points (or goals). We work and work but never seem to know what is it that we really require (or want) in life. Is it love, wealth or simply success? Human greed is ever-changing and inexplicable. As such, we become clueless. So clueless that we are merely blind bees, working for the society, reluctantly and always complaining about life. 

And there we go, this is my personal perspective of what exactly “homo sapiens” are — a bunch of ironic, cruel, clueless creatures with each being a duplicate of one another; shape shifters of an individual form. No one tells what a homo sapien oughts to do because they themselves live in a realm of distinguished pride. Order them and it leads to a series of undesired aftermaths. Murder, rape, etc. So dear reader, if you were to meet a homo sapien one day, remember to put on a cordial smile because no one knows what a homo sapien could possibly do. They might kill.