Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

by Han

I am sure that the majority of us would actually try to angle ourselves when taking a photograph and with crossed-fingers, hope that the image would turn out acceptable. Professionals may sometimes fail to capture an image with their desired outcome let alone us — amateurs. Needless to say, without the proper skill and dexterity in handling our “image-capturing” devices, many of us would actually fail.

However, with passion and an ardent love for photography, I have seen many who have emerged victorious. Like what The Daily Post has mentioned —

Investigate the world, think about what you find beautiful, and don’t allow convention to dictate an answer.

Art is so vast and has so many variations; each with a distinct and unique interpretation. Never allow what others have said to change your perspective of art or photography. You yourself know the true definition of beauty. Henceforth, allow your skills and passion to drive you forward. A beautiful photograph is one that was taken with the heart and not one that was influenced by the ear.

With regard to this WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, here’s what I’ve got:


Writers pen down language on paper while photographers capture snippets of an individual’s life and magically evolve them into a story that they can call a novelty. (photo from Instagram: @littlecoal)