Best Moment Award

by Chua Han Au

Writing isn’t easy. Especially if you have millions of other professional bloggers/ writers (consisting of professors, journalists, editors, etc) out there reading what you wrote.

I must admit — I do not deem myself as a professional blogger or a compelling author like John Green or Harper Lee. We are different. Yet, my passion to write isn’t coerced by the will to be recognised. Yes, albeit I agree that being recognised does give one a fantastic sense of achievement, it does not mean that writing stops when our works are not recognised.

Like what The Daily Post has always mentioned: “We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers.” — we write to embolden, to invigorate, to actuate.

I started out this blog, or writing should I say, on the 19th of December 2012. I started out like any other ordinary blogger or writer, having an ambitious heart to become someone immensely motivational like Nick Vujicic. On the contrary, instead of being a motivational speaker, I intended to be a motivational writer.

My first blog post — Life mentions about the simple questions that we often think about in life. When my blog stats went up to 1 view for the first time, I was thrilled. Someone actually read what I had written! This “1 view” then spurred me on to continue writing more inspirational posts. And as I wrote, the blog stats went up proportionally (laughs).

There was once when I took part in a Creative Writing Challenge prompted by The Daily Post. As I sat down and began to list my thoughts chronologically, according to how I should impress the readers, it was a challenge. Indeed. Trying to shape my thoughts in the way how the readers would expect it to be like is like swapping roles with the readers. So, who’s the writer now? 

I realise that we as writers, are also manipulators. We manipulate the minds of our readers in the way we fancy it to be. We as writers use language as a clear representation of what our sentiments are instead of delineating a huge portrait. However, be it Art or English, both have something in similar. It is that both elements can be interpreted in so many different perspectives without correction. Language is one medium that one expresses before communication. Remember, without language, there is no communication. 

Using the English language as my main language for writing clearly exhibits my zeal for the English language. Recently, I have posted what I personally feel about the English language here — Why the English language intrigues me so much.

Having elucidated so much, I must now thank one person who has influenced me greatly throughout these past 2 years. Her pseudonym is DBB. She has influenced me in so many different ways. She emboldens me to write better, to think better and to express my views in a simple yet compelling manner. To be able to be this successful today with 1,122 followers on my blog and with a total of 4,604 views and counting, I can gallantly conclude that I am now closer to my goal. Thank you DBB for motivating me during my blues, being there for me when I needed help. This was what you told me when I was struggling to fight off my pessimistic thoughts:

You have to be strong. But you must also realise that as humans, we are fallible creatures and we don’t have it together every second of everyday. It’s okay to be vulnerable at times and it’s okay to fail. But most importantly is to stand up.

You’ve given me so much inspiration in life.  If I were to describe you in one word, it’ll be ‘valor’. You’ve gone through a lot of misery and pains and fortunately, those days are over and you’re living a much better life now! I am happy for you. Your life stories do not define you but instead, shape you. You’ve been shaped into a better leader, a stronger lady and an awe-inspiring big sister. Be it troubles that you face or the uncertainties in life that you might face, keep composed for the storm will definitely pass! Like what you say, “dance in the rain.” Press on!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Alienora for nominating me for this prestigious   Best Moment Award. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written. Your heartfelt comments never fails to invigorate me to write more. Never stop writing for this is what makes us writers!

I would hereby take this chance to also nominate another blogger whom I fancy her posts a lot — idisagreecompletely. Please take some time to read her posts for every one of them is genuine. Her personal stories touch my heart affectingly and always make me reflect and go deep in my train of thoughts. Every single story is compelling for it addresses a certain lesson learnt at the end. You should really check it out!

To end off, I would like to thank the readers whom have constantly followed my blog and provided me with constructive feedback. Thank you for telling me that my stories are wonderful and beautiful. Thank you for appreciating what I have written. I am indeed grateful and appreciative of you guys that keep me going. It is the simple comments and likes that make me feel acknowledged.

Remember, writing is not about fulfilling the desire to be recognised but acquiring the achievement of being acknowledged.