Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

by Han

Frankly speaking, I’m not an aesthetics person. I don’t take art much less keep a sketchbook full of art and sketches.

On hindsight, I can vaguely remember myself attending aesthetics classes — drama and art. Yet, God knows for what reason — I stopped attending these classes.

However, being green and so foreign in the aesthetics field, I do have some painters in mind who I truly love. They present art in such a free and unconfined space of imagination. Here are two painters that I am sure some of you might know.

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Salvador Dali

The former’s Starry Night is one brilliant piece which I take delight in. I, for instance, am unable to limn a starry night. The stars, the olive trees, the crescent in his work were all so immaculately drawn before his sanitarium room window. His desire to paint the night sky has indeed inspired many others to imitate his work.

“The imagination is certainly a faculty which we must develop and it alone can bring us to creation of a more exalting and consoling nature … A star-spangled sky, for instance, that’s a thing I would like to try to do … But how can I manage unless I make up my mind to work … from imagination?”

– Vincent van Gogh

Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory is another one which I fancy a lot. A surreal work of art; his caricature of the melting pocket watches is extraordinary. He explained that the soft watches were not inspired by the theory of relativity, but by the surrealist perception of a Camembert cheese melting in the sun. Interesting isn’t it?

If you were asked to depict a night sky or simply draw a watch, what would you have in mind?

With regard to WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I have one masterpiece that I truly adore. Thank you WordPress for allowing me to express my views with regard to aesthetics.

Photo Courtesy of Han Au

Photo Courtesy of Han Au

Anyone can just hold their preferred tool and start delineating their thoughts based on individual sentiments. To draw or to take photographs, either professionally or simply for leisure is something that one should keep doing if one has the passion.

Art’s an art that requires composure, ingenuity and talent. 

Don’t you think so?