Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

by Chua Han Au

So long as Photography is involved, I’d associate it with dSlRs, photographs, polaroids, etc. I truly applaud photographers who can capture an image so distinctively and perfectly. These people just have a knack for photography. If I were to be the one taking a picture, I’d rather take out my iPhone, click on the screen and let it do the auto-focus. I’m just too lazy to do all the set-ups on dSLRs. So to all the fantastic photographers out there, keep on amazing people with your staggering skill of photography!

Earlier on, The Daily Post mentioned about the Fundamentals of Light. After having read that, I was blown away by the discrete details of photography. They mentioned a great deal of sophisticated names such as Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure and of course, Light. I was awed by the theory of Photography and never thought that Photography had so much to read on.

Whenever I scroll down the page of my Instagram or Tumblr account, I’d be inspired by those mesmerising shots of sunsets, city-lights, or even just food. I, for instance, can’t even take a picture of my food well enough. No matter how much I try to, it would turn futile in the end. Taking a picture that requires aptitude and craft is just so attractive. Knowing how to control the settings is even more incredible. Someday, I just wish that I could take something that would have the capability to amaze and fascinate.

So, I have decided to take part in this week’s photo challenge prompted by The Daily Post. Do pardon me for trying to be like a professional photographer. Everyone has a chance, don’t they?

The Golden Hour
© Han Au’s Photography

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge