Creative Writing Challenge: Metamorphosis

by Chua Han Au

I have written so many things — things which I can laugh and say, “I really did that.” Or simply smile and tell myself “I am proud.”

But this story, or a little happening, was a dream. And now, I’m attempting to put my dream into a reality. A dream so surreal, a dream that I thought I’d never be able to pull myself away from it, a dream in which I thought that that was my world, a dream in which I thought I would have never have awakened from it. But trust me, it was indeed a peculiar dream (or nightmare).

The city was silent. In every hopeless situation, there would definitely be crows. And there you go, imagine crows, king of the skies now. Nope, not eagles, but crows. Those dark, murky-feathered creatures. Thick smoke filled the entire sky, covering the once bright-lit empyrean. A choking sensation. Yes, imagine that. In that point, everything felt hopeless, everything seemed like an apparition. Yet, the things that roamed around in the streets were not ghouls, ghosts, vampires, zombies or any other sinister creature.

On fours they stood, a tail not waging, a pair of ears erected and alert.


They weren’t actual wolves technically speaking, they were humans. Believe me, they did not walk on twos like how wolves walked in cartoons, but on fours they stood. It was indisputable that they were realistic wolves. Fur that had the colour of snow.

They lurked in every corner, like shadows to your body. It was like they were awaiting for something. A prey perhaps?

It was true that in every story, there would be a valiant, handsome prince to save the world from destruction. But in this story that I call mine, there was no prince to save the people, or in this case, wolves.

What was I to do now?

Escape? Suicide? Call for help?

They were out of the question, needless to say.

If I had remembered it correctly, I was in Times Square. And you should know how huge Times Square is. So how was I able to sneak my way out of the abundant pack of wolves that were so hungry, or so I thought. Not forgetting to mention, their acute sense of smell.

My stomach churned, my eyebrows twitched. A malevolent intuition maybe?

I had absolutely no clue to any of my questions. It was like trying to fish in a lake full of acid, expecting to fish out a codfish.

But albeit hopes were low, there was still a way out. Not the best, but it could at least save my life.

A solitary potion, with a sign that stated “Test 1164“, stood on the edge of the table.

Should I or should I not?

Who was I to wait for? A mad scientist?

I drank it and so, a peculiar sensation rushed down my throat. I could feel goosebumps and the hair of the back of my hair standing. But not only did they stand, they grew. My limbs were starting to curve downwards, my neck shrunk and my entire body contracted. It was a contraction so rapid and so powerful that I could almost feel myself transforming. Or in other words, a metamorphosis.

I felt like a butterfly struggling out of my chrysalis, with a will to continue on living and find my family. I didn’t know if they were there, but I could at least try. I could feel myself turning into a monster. Soon enough, the chemistry worked.

I barged out of the laboratory room, like a beast, without manners. But the funny thing was that ― I could still think. And still think like a human!

There they were, in packs, or in a family maybe. They all stared at me, one of which had marble white pupils. A deathly stare, human eyes.

What? Couldn’t they welcome a new member?

I tried to howl, but instead, an uncanny voice exploded.

What was I now? Not a wolf?

I decided to run. I needed to run. For now, they looked hungry. I could see their teeth, yellowed and serrated. I could feel my tiny heart beating. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. But no. I could never have escaped those agile creatures.


My entire body was in one of their mouths, a pool of blood below me, I could see the reflection― the reflection of a mouse.